Crafting Vision Into Value

20/20 Management Consulting

Established in 2014, 20/20 Management Consulting, a full-service management advisory specialist with offices in SW Florida and NE Ohio, is experienced in all phases of successful business management. From the initial vision/mission planning process to creating and implementing processes that drive sustainable value, 20/20 is perfectly positioned to holistically analyze client business practices and provide expert guidance in transformative strategies and tactics to deliver superior performance across the organization always cognizant of the fact that everything that is done in the organization is undertaken to meet or exceed the Needs, Wants and Expectations of the client. There are thousands of consulting firms worldwide, serving numerous industries and specializing in every conceivable niche and expertise; but only 20/20 Management Consulting, LLC and a select handful can claim to successfully empower their clients to provide sustainable customer value as they create their future rather than respond to it.